Does your property have kerb appeal?

When it comes to selling our homes, our potential buyers first impressions are one of the most important aspects we need to consider. The aesthetic look of a home’s exterior or kerb appeal as it is often known as can ultimately affect whether a potential buyer wants to take things further with the property by taking a look inside.

You may have a property on the market at the moment that isn’t getting much interest, you may have a property that you have no idea how to make more appealing, have you thought about its kerb appeal?

When it comes to improving the value of your property and its viewer’s interest, kerb appeal can be a crucial game-changer. Perhaps you’re wondering what exactly does ‘kerb appeal’ mean? Well, to put it simply, kerb appeal is the level of attractiveness a viewer may feel when seeing a property from street level for the very first time. It’s all about that first impression.

You may be wondering if it’s worth taking the time and effort to boost your kerb appeal. How much does it really matter if the painting on the outside is slightly scratched? How much does it really matter if the front garden is a little overgrown?  Well, as property experts, you can trust us – it certainly matters! We’ve rounded up our top 3 tips when it comes to improving your kerb appeal, if you find them helpful we’d love you to take them away with you.

Kerb Appeal Tip 1: Improving Your Front Door

When is the last time you gave your front door a good scrub? Front doors indicate to many people what to expect inside. Imagine what a clean, freshly painted or even brand new door leaves as an impression? The impact a nicely presented front door has can determine the level of interest of a potential homebuyer. Over the years, we’ve encountered many dirty, cob-webbed, battered, scuffed-up and even mouldy doors, this type of neglect can easily jeopardise any hopes of potential interest and therefore a potential sale. Clutter that may be laying around the front entrance area should be cleared up and removed. The goal is to achieve an inviting look.  Why not think about adding a couple of colourful plants outside to perhaps draw attention? With a little effort, these types of small changes can create a much warmer and appealing invitation. The condition of the front door is a statement for the rest of the property.

Property Tip 2: Windows

 Choosing to repaint any chipped windows, ledges, or shutters outside the front of the property is another brilliant way of increasing potential buyers interest. If the windows are damaged, stained and unclean looking, what’s on the inside of the property could be automatically disregarded. Repainting window frames on the front of the property is always a good idea, it’s in the viewer’s direct vision and it means anyone walking up to the front of the property has an instant positive first impression.

Expert Tip 3: Front Garden

What exactly does a manicured front garden, driveway or pathway mean? Well, imagine this: tomorrow you have a house viewing appointment, you arrive at the property and notice an overgrown lawn, weeds everywhere and plants that look as if they died months ago. Do you think you’d be keen to take a step inside the property? Or might you be considering turning around and running back out of the driveway any minute? I think it’s fair to say you may have second thoughts about the property.

Nobody wants to see overgrown weeds and dead plants outside the house they’re interested in buying. Having a manicured front entrance means doing more than just mowing down the lawn, it also means getting rid of old plant pots, trimming down any overgrown hedges, bushes and trees.

So often, people get lost and caught up in spending too much time and effort with the inside of the house that they end up completely disregarding and overlooking the current state of the outside. When it comes to house buying, it’s the outside that can crucially draw people in. Just these 3 aspects – Improving your front door, windows and front garden can go a long way with maximising initial appeal.

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