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A question we are often asked is “how can I make my home more valuable and sell faster”, so I thought I would share some of our Property Tips.

Preparing your home for viewers and potential buyers is one of the most important stages when it comes to selling a property. Unfortunately, If the inside of our home isn’t presented in the right way, it can immediately jeopardise any further interest for the viewer.

A fresh lick of paint.

When it comes to first impressions of the inside of our homes, the walls are vital. You want the viewer to feel as if they are in a clean, fresh and lighter environment, if the walls are stained or the woodwork is chipped around the house, the viewer may feel immediately put off. A fresh lick of paint can go a long way and can be relatively inexpensive. However, if it’s a slightly more time-consuming job why not consider a local painter and decorator? It’s the attention to detail including the woodwork that a paid professional can work wonders with. You can not imagine how much more valuable and appealing your property will look after reaching for those paintbrushes.

However, do bear in mind that the colour scheme should be kept to a neutral one and not for example a lime green or bright purple. The idea is to attract the masses. It will also allow buyers to visualise the rooms to their needs as well as being able to use them immediately.


Over the years it’s quite natural for our homes to become clutter-prone. I think it’s fair to say we’ve all been guilty of storing endless piles of CD’s and DVD’S that we’ve managed to somehow accumulate over the years. We tell ourselves “Ok, there is absolutely no way I can get rid of that!” even though everything is covered in dust. However, when it comes to wanting and needing your potential buyers to envisage what the property would be like if they were living there, it can of course be extremely difficult with someone else’s clutter everywhere. In fact, it can quite often make any type of space feel much smaller as well as claustrophobic. Too much clutter is generally just less appealing.

If you don’t want to get rid of your belongings, storing them can be a great option. And of course, for any bulky waste and rubbish, there’s always a trip to your local recycling centre. I would rather sell a property of a lower standard that is completely decluttered than one of a higher standard with far too much bulk and clutter, therefore consuming the entire space.

Keeping your Kitchen clean.

The kitchen acts as the beating heart of your entire home. It’s the focal point of the property. Wiping down any untidy surfaces and making sure the units are looking in good condition is vital. You don’t need to update the entire kitchen of course, but just making sure it’s looking as presentable as possible will make anyone stepping into it feel encouraged to continue taking a look around the rest of the house.

Floors Floors Floors!

Similar to the walls, carpets obviously cover large surfaces and it’s those large surfaces that are extremely important when it comes to first impressions. Imagine walking into a house tomorrow and the first thing you notice is the carpets covered in stains, worn away, or even moth bitten – It’s an instant turn off. It’s relatively inexpensive to get your carpets professionally cleaned, and the outcome can make all the difference. If you have wooden flooring, sanding them down and use a treatment so they’re looking as good as they can.


The last of the property tips I’d like to share with you is making sure your windows and the framework around the windows are clean as well as the glass itself. Making sure the glass is smear-free and if you’ve got curtains or blinds, dust-free. When viewers come inside your property to take a look around the rooms, they’ll want to get a feel for the space and quite naturally they may wander over to the windows to want to look out at the view if the windows dirty and in a poor condition, it may make the viewer automatically feel unsure of what kind of state the rest of the house is in.

Here at Brooke Steel, we really hope you’ve found this advice useful when it comes to making your home more valuable. Keep an eye out for our upcoming posts for more top property tips. Happy selling!

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