Another Happy Landlord

To Nick,

Just want to say a quick note to acknowledge the service you have provided in facilitating the letting of my property. Very quickly you advertised the property and found suitable tenants, within a matter of day’s contracts and inventories were put in place closely followed by an occupied house and the very first payment of rent.

As I ventured into landlord territory for the first time I called upon the advice of a few letting agents in a bid to put my custom their way in requesting their services but it was only once I had met with yourself that I felt comfortable with what a letting agent was about/could provide and the benefit the services have to a Landlord. With your great communication and professional manner you have managed to assuage the intimidation and daunting venture of becoming a Landlord.

Since making initial contact with you I very quickly became relaxed with you and Brooke Steel Estates managing the property knowing that you will make decisions that are for the best of both Landlord and our tenants.

A really good job that makes it incredibly easy to recommend you to others, thank you.

Mr G.



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